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Northstar aligns directly with the requirements of your Digital Equity Plan.

Literacy Minnesota’s experience consulting with state systems on implementing digital literacy assessments and education, utilizing digital literacy standards, and working with Digital Navigators can be instrumental to state plan success. Our Northstar Digital Literacy platform provides a low cost platform for assessing and instruction on 15 areas of basic digital literacy skills centered around Essential Computer Skills, Essential Office Skills, and Using Technology in Daily Life, with certificates and digital badges available for successful passage. In addition to standards based assessments, Northstar contains comprehensive classroom curricula, self-directed online practice lessons, a system for learners to track progress, and a multitude of robust reports.



Measurable objectives for digital literacy

Northstar can help you meet your objectives by providing reports which show the number of people taking digital literacy assessments, the number of people passing digital literacy assessments, and time spent learning digital skills using our self-directed online practice lessons.

A statewide network using Northstar will indicate what areas are being served and usage by organization.

Northstar shows what organizations are providing free digital literacy instruction and assessments by zip code.

Impact on identified outcomes

Northstar standards outline the skills needed in 15 different basic digital literacy topic areas. State systems can identify which standards are necessary to specific job categories/industries, grade level and post k-12 learning needs, equitable access to online health care, filling out government forms and engaging in civic life, preventing social isolation, and delivery of other essential services

Collaboration with key stakeholders

Northstar is already being used by 2700 organizations in all 50 states. These organizations include public schools, public housing, libraries, health literacy providers, community colleges, four year colleges, state library agencies, non-profits and businesses

Covered Populations

Northstar is currently being used by subscribing organizations with all covered populations.

English Unlocked, a four-level comprehensive English language learning curriculum developed by Literacy Minnesota, is a nationally recognized resource that is now being used in 24 states and three countries.

[Northstar] is currently the most used (assessment) across adult education. Northstar defines, assesses, and teaches basic skills needed to use computers and the internet in daily life, employment, and higher education. Its assessment data can be used to inform instruction and accelerate learning for individuals and groups. States have … used data collected to determine what digital skills learners already know and to collaborate with employers and educational institutions to screen residents into work and learning opportunities.

- The National Governors Association

What is Northstar?

Northstar Digital Literacy defines basic skills needed to perform tasks on computers and online.

Online, self-guided modules assess the ability of individuals to perform tasks based on these skills. Learn more about how Northstar Digital Literacy can meet your state digital literacy goals today!


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